What is Chinese Honeylocust Fruit Shampoo


Soap horn shampoo, for without adding any fragrance pigment and chemicals pure natural shampoo. Since ancient times, the Chinese nation has been saponin horn, first black, tea seeds and other natural plants mashed shampoo hair tradition, hair black thick, no chips and no itch. According to the “herb outline” records: soap corner —- dandruff to stop itching, detoxifying; From ancient times to the present, natural Chinese herbal medicine has been the Chinese advocated natural, healthy way of healthy health.

Introduction to raw materialsedit

The worst enemy of hair is yourself, and don’t wash it every day. Three days a wash is good, chemical products used more, not only hair to bad people are wrong. Hot, dyed, blowing can avoid otherwise the loss of health. Soap horn head wash hair is really good… It turns out that there are more and more problems on the head, and how many others have dark hair?
Soap keratin, long-term use can completely solve the problem of dandruff itching, dry and easy to break, yellow fork, greasy hair loss, but also promote hair regeneration.



Soap keratin does not add any flavor pigment and chemicals are all natural shampoos! The use of pure natural plant shampoo can bring you the skin’s natural nutrition, his efficacy has dandruff, black hair, anti-hair loss to promote hair regeneration, heat and live blood, descaling, de-oiling, itching, mosquito repellent, de-crazy de-swelling, clear god eye-catching and so on. The main function is to help you improve damaged hair and scalp problems. If your hair is not a problem using soap keratin can also play a role in maintaining the hair, wash twice a week for 15 days to see the effect, after washing the head has a faint plant flavor. Soap corner shampoo not only brought us happiness, but also made a contribution to the cause of environmental protection, will not cause pollution of water after watering plants are the best fertilizer.

Use method

Shake the soap keratin and boil the water into the pot to dilute (the proportion of raw liquid according to the length of the hair to determine) heat to the appropriate temperature, scrub the root of the hair with a small cotton cloth several times at the same time with a finger massage, wait three minutes before the water rinse to allow the scalp to fully absorb, without having to wash it again. The liquid has a stimulating effect on the eyes, should avoid entering the eyes yo! It is best to cover your eyes with a towel, such as liquid into the eyes, please rinse with water in time.

Take a bath
Bathing with pure natural plant soap angle water effect is also very good Oh, soap angle water into the pot in moderation, add some water dilution after heating and can be used, with a small piece of absorbent cotton or gauze scrub body. There is Chinese medicine’s fragrance smell habits, after washing will feel the skin is very moisturizing and slippery

Make up

Make the recipe
Soap horn shampoo can be used alone or with other plant formulations to make synthetic shampoos.

1, soap horn match he shou Wu
He Shou wu, with the effect of healing god, because hair is blood, blood and feet are good. Also because it contains amino acids, large ephedrine and lecithin, can moisturize the scalp hair follicles, promote the production of melanin.
So with He Shouwu can enhance hair quality, length and denser, so that hair more powerful, darker.

2, soap horn with tea seeds or tea dry
Tea seeds are also natural plant cleaning products, containing tea saponin, tea polyphenols, vitamin b and E.
Vitamins B and E, for follicleitis, seborrheic dermatitis is very effective, but also to prevent scalp itching, psoriasis and so on.
Tea polyphenols: This is often heard in advertisements, many shampoo and toothpaste, etc. are said to contain, of course, not as good as natural tea. Tea polyphenols can be anti-radiation, anti-cancer, is a natural preservative.
So computer families, often drink tea, with tea to wash their hair, are very beneficial.

3, with no children (round soap angle)
The child is similar to the soap angle, rich in saponin, tyrosine, etc. , but compared to the soap angle, the foam will be a little more, can effectively wash off sediment, as well as antibacterial effects.

4, with wild ginseng
The ingredients of wild ginseng are: ginseng saponin, plant protein, inorganic inorganic, multivitamins, alkaloids and so on. Can provide a wealth of nutrients for the scalp, where amino acids can effectively inhibit pigment loss, that is, can remain black
Pigment to keep hair from turning white. So with soap angle, the effect is better.

5, with side cypress leaves
Most people have hair loss because there is a false fire in their body and they attack it. So with side cypress leaves, can help under the fire, to achieve clear heat to wet, so that the scalp fresh no longer greasy.
Side cypress leaves are the branches and leaves of cypress side cypresses of cypress plants, and are brittle and easy to break. The air is fragrant, bitter, astringent, slightly sinful. To yeen, turquoise, non-fragmented end of the best.
Side cypress leaves taste bitter, astringent, slightly cold;
Side cypress leaves have cold blood to stop bleeding, rheumatism, sputum cough, swelling and dispersal of toxic effects.
“Medical Forest”: lung reflal, diarrhea, flat liver fever, blood fractional fever.

6, with ginger
Ginger has the effect of living blood clots. The scalp is unhealthy, mostly because the epidermis is blocked, after cleaning, if accompanied by ginger can speed up the blood circulation of the scalp, metabolism, thereby promoting the growth of hair follicles.

7, with mulberry leaves
Soap horn with mulberry leaves, is also a common use, each with 10 grams to 20 grams, together boiling water to wash the hair. Mulberry leaves, with the effect of heat and dehumidification, to solve the scalp because of excessive oil secretion and inflammation, affecting the health of hair follicles. With mulberry leaves, you can improve the wet and hot symptoms of the scalp, to achieve a refreshing purpose.
In addition, soap horn can also be matched with return, white fresh skin, old ginger, yellow, lotus leaves, Reishi, white art and so on 



The way to make it
More than a dozen plants put into the casserole and water bed bubble for half an hour, first small fire slow half an hour and then fire 1-3 hours to see the liquid boil out. To cool out naturally, pour in a small amount of hot water in the basin to wash your hair. The removal of hair problems works very well.

The scope of application
The invention can deeply nourish the skin of the head, long-lasting prevention of dandruff regeneration, deep cleaning of dandruff and grease, and provide a good breeding environment for hair growth.

External supplies, do not enter; strictly prevent touching the eyes, nose and other mucous membranes, such as accidental touch, need to be cleaned with water in a timely manner. 2, please place this product in the child can not touch the place 3, allergic physique and pregnancy period with caution.

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