What effect do side cypress leaves have on hair?


Side cypress leaves is a common Chinese herbal medicine, also known as yellow heart white, has a certain therapeutic and health effect, for hair, with the effect of stopping hair loss and promoting white hair blackening, has a very good beneficial gas to maintain the role of blood-warming hematosis, in addition to the effect of hair conditioning, but also have a certain antibacterial and antiviral treatment effect, for the nerve level also has a certain maintenance effect.

1, Grow hair and black hair.

Side cypress leaves slightly cold, into the liver, liver main wind, the main blood, heart and spleen blood leisure, so can spread blood black hair. Common in blood fever hair loss or hair whitening, etc. “New Medicine” reported: “to fresh side cypress leaves soaked 60% of the alcohol 7 days, take potions to coat hair drop position, 3 times a day, treatment of hair loss, more in 20130 days after xingxin just started to grow, gray-black luster, some growth and development is thin.” ”

2, scattered blood live blood.

Side cypress bitter taste cold, into the lungs, liver, small intestine, astringent convergence, micro-cold is cool blood, so for convergence, hemorrhage, blood-sharing medicine, used for blood-rich nausea, hemorrhage, urination with blood, menstrual collapse.

3, antibacterial and antiviral treatment effect.

Side cypress alcohol extract has a strong inhibitory effect on microbial production of white blood cell count LTB4 and 5-HETE (5-lipoxyase), and also shows information on the strong inhibition effect of cyclooxidase, reminding side cypress leaf to give full play to anti-infection effects based on inhibiting the activity of 5-lipooxyase and the composition of cyclooxidase.

4, nerve maintenance effect.

The location of 90% ethanol acquisition of side cypress leaves has obvious safety protection effect on the harm of the epidermis cells of rats induced by excessive phosphoric acid, and separates to obtain 5 components of neuroserial maintenance specificity, only salpholipid oil compounds have significant neuro-maintenance effect.

5, anti-blood cell chemistry.

Flavonoids obtained from side cypress leaves added to red blood cell suspension can significantly suppress the human RBC hemolysis caused by H2O2, hemolytic degree and propylene dialdehyde composition are reduced, and with the increase of flavonoid use, inhibit the promotion of Sichuan, for clinical medicine to use side cypress leaf anti-RBC air oxidation damage hemolytic disease showed the test basis.

6, clear heat detoxification coughing sputum.

Side cypress leaves slightly cold, cold can clear heat detoxification, and into the lungs, so can clear heat detoxifying coughing sputum. Contemporary common in the lung hot cough, dry or sputum thick difficult to come out, have clear lungs to moisturize the lungs, coughing sputum wheezing effect.

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