Glossy privet fruit cure white hair, make up liver and kidneys

Dashan for the city, it is a very remote place, but the mountain and nature is
the most intimate, in the mountains and forests in the wild also hide a lot,
can treat white-haired plants, such as ink dry lotus, horse teeth, side pat
leaves and so on, of course, including virgins.

A virgin is a dust-proof plant that can be seen in a courtyard and put into
medicine to treat a variety of diseases, as documented in these medical
books. “Ben’s Book” — “Virgin… Spleen and stomach empty people take,
often reduce food for diarrhea”, if you eat the wrong thing diarrhea, virgin
can make diarrhea degree can be alleviated.

“The Herb” — “Virgin, smelly… Kidneys have to be replenished, then five
dirty self-security, spiritual self-sufficiency, a hundred diseases to go fat and
beautiful. “This sentence means, virgin, can make up kidneys, five dirty, go
to a hundred diseases. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the head
long white hair and kidneys are not good has a great relationship, kidney
good body is also healthy, hair will show black bright, so virgin can cure
white hair.



Now specifically, it cures the white hair square:
Fangzi 1. Virgin 600 grams, Jushengzi 300 grams, Mo dry lotus 100 grams.
Take ink dry lotus yin dry, virgin, giant shengzi fruit, washed, thrown into
the pot, boiled in a fire for 1 hour, filter its juice, applied to the position of
hair loss. Paint it sooner or later.

Fangzi 2. Virgin 600 grams, Mo dry lotus 300 grams, mulberry 300 grams.
First pick to fresh virgin, remove the leaves, leaving yin dry, washed, soaked
with yellow wine 1 day and 1 night, fished out. Dry the molands, mulberry,
grind them into powder, add honey, and make them into pills, 6 grams
each. Take it sooner or later.


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