Eclipta Herbs help natural hair growth and black hair

I believe that we are very fond of flowers, beautiful flowers can not only let people refresh, feel the charm of nature, but also many flowers also have a special effect, the next we are talking about ink dry lotus, it has a certain blacking effect on our hair, below we will understand the effect of black hair, so that we are exempt from using those chemicals to dye black hair.


Ink dry lotus dry lotus grass is the whole grass of chrysanthemum plant, because when rubbing its stems and leaves, it can be seen that the black juice flow, so also known as “ink dry lotus.”

Mo dry lotus also known as dry lotus grass, pig tooth grass, for the chrysanthemum plant slug whole grass, every summer and autumn two seasons cut whole grass, remove silt, dry or dry can be drugged. Chinese medicine “two to pills”, is composed of ink dry lotus and virgin two taste medicine, seen in the Ming Dynasty, “the miracle of the living people”, is the motherland’s traditional Chinese medicine prescription, but also said to be Sun Siwei passed down the health care prescription.

On the market there are Vico plants to the heavenly committee of the whole grass posing as ink dry lotus, when using attention to identification.

One of the effects of ink dry lotus is to produce hair, “herb outline” records the dry lotus grass “juice eyebrows, raw and complex.” Many ancient herbs have recorded that dry lotus grass can be “black hair”, “blackened hair”, “growing hair”.

Traditional Chinese medicine says “hair for blood”, and liver blood, hair is the extension of blood in vitro. If the liver and kidneys are full of blood, the hair is black and bright. On the other hand, hair loss, white hair, yellowing hair, dryness, forking, fracture, smooth and other problems will occur. Not only that, because the course of the liver to follow the circle around the genitals, therefore, the long-term liver and kidneys will not only turn white hair, pubic hair will also turn white. The reason why the ink dry lotus is able to raise hair, and its liver and kidney function is related. And Chinese medicine has been circulating such a lyric “glycine cold ink dry lotus, by the kidney liver to supplement the kidney liver, liver and kidney faint, must be issued early white waist knee acid”, the lyrics mean that the ink dry lotus flavor, acid, cold, can make up kidney-beneficial liver, due to liver and kidney weakness caused by the hair early white or lumbar knee pain has special efficacy.

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